Below are photos of Phinzer L7 Puppies born 08-10-17 from "Rozonno" De Cetorbriga X "Teana" De Cetorbriga 
Phinzer L7's  

Below are photos of Phinzer L7 Puppies born 01-02-17 from "Rozonno" De Cetorbriga X Della Opaliha "Ebony"
Phinzer L7's  Ebony, Elanca, Encino, Elanco, Ernie, and Ercole 

 Ebony (Female)   

 Elanca (Female) 

 Encino (Male)

 Elanco (Male)

Ernie (Male)   

Ercole (Male)   

Below are photos of Phinzer L7 born 12-20-16 from "Bison" De Cetorbriga X "Amanda" Del Gerundensis
Phinzer L7's  Diego, Dominique, Bonnie, Brooklyn and Bishop

         Bonnie (Female)                                          Dominique (Female)

Diego (Male) 

Brooklyn (Male) 

Bishop (Male) 

Below are photos of Phinzer L7 Puppies born 07-03-16 from "Bison" De Cetorbriga X "Tanaka" De Cetorbriga  
Phinzer L7's Cabezas, Carriço, Colombo, Chobani, and Chyna 

Cabezas (Male)

Carriço (Male)

Colombo (Male)

Chobani (Female)

Chyna (Female)

Below are photos of a singleton puppy born 03-06-15 from "Ozone" of Baskervilium x "Cordenia" Delle Correnti
Phinzer L7 "Brooklyn"

(L7's B litter)



Below is a photo of a singleton puppy born 05-29-12 from "Livio"of Tinus Baskervilium x "Kissimmee" Delle Correnti 
Phinzer L7 "Angel"
It was a litter of 8 puppies, but make sure you trust the person if they whelp your litter. They killed or kept 7 PUPPIES, I still to this day just don't KNOW!

(L7's A litter)

Phinzer L7 "Angel" (Female)


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