*For 2017*

Breeding done November 23th 2017
(Vixen Of Tinus Baskervilium) X  (Cinciripini Ottavio)
        (Ch. Tano La Maison De Maestral x Ch Ordalia Dello Stradone)                      (Ch. Orione Del Castellaccio x Cinciripin's  Signe)



Puppies born December 9th 2017
4 females and 2 males
(Malaia De Cetobriga) X (Rozonno De Cetobriga)
 (Santini De Cetorbriga x Valana De Cetorbriga)                           (Leone 2 Dello Stradone x Muza De Cetobriga)



Breeding done November 19th 2017
(Amanda Del Gerundensis) X  (Cinciripini Ottavio)
          (Ch. Polo Dello Stradone x Ch Italia Dello Stradone)                      (Ch. Orione Del Castellaccio x Cinciripin's  Signe)



Breeding done October 31st 2017
      (Phinzer's Chyna)        X      (Mosies de Cetobriga) 
(Bison de Cetobriga x Tananka de Cetobriga)                                              (David de Cetobriga x Ursula de Cetobriga)



Breeding taking place December 2017
      (Lola di Timone)    X      (Rozonno de Cetobriga)
(Vito di Timone x Celia di Timone)                                                   (Leone 2  DSV x  Muza de Cetobriga)

Owner: Blue Salmon Kennels 


We are currently accepting  ($500.00 non refundable deposit.) When a buyer reserve a puppy this means (Phinzer Mastinos) turning down others that are interested in that breeding.  We have a small waiting list for puppies and this is a very hard breed whelping puppies. Unforeseeable circumstances changes plans sometimes out of our control.  
When puppies are already on the ground we then request a $1000 deposit.







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